What is CrossFit?

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Coach Nikki has been CrossFitting for 4 years and embodies the heart, positive attitude and shear determination needed to constantly strive for excellence on a daily basis. Her blog captures these experiences and this week she explains what CrossFit is and what it means to her. Take a look at the excerpt below and click the link to read on!


“There is no sport that I can think of where there is one athlete left in a competition and the other athletes cheer them on until the end.  It takes hard work, sweat, blood and tears — the old fashioned way of winning. Not everyone goes home with a trophy or a ribbon, but they may go home with a PR, something they have never achieved before and an experience of a lifetime. That is what makes it worth the training, the sacrifice and the pain. It brings out the best in people. If any of you have been keeping up with the Regionals there has been some pretty amazing things that have transpired. This just confirms what a great sport CrossFit truely is.”